NO DOGS - live Q&A

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Venue, Timing and Cost

The Old Fire Station
Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Co-writers Carmen Harris and Anna Glynn discuss the process of creating NO DOGS and the ongoing complexities of identity and ‘Britishness’, with questions from a live audience in person and online.

Book here to attend this Q&A in-person at the Old Fire Station.

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Winston visits Dermot’s grave each year on his old friend’s birthday. Tending the plot, he reminisces, and Winston is sure Dermot responds, the vividity of their shared memories seemingly overcoming death itself. Together, they revisit the colour and vivacity of their hopeful start in post-war England, and the bringing together of their families, one Irish, one Jamaican, in a single household. But when it comes to Dermot’s sudden departure from Winston’s life, the grave falls silent, and what took place so many years before remains a mystery. That is, until a familiar woman appears at the graveside for one final farewell.

Flintlock Theatre presents a sparkling audio play by Carmen Harris (Eastenders, Windrush Monologues: Soon Gone, BBC) and Anna Glynn (Four Score Years and Ten, Theatre Royal Winchester; Don Q, Flintlock Theatre) in a celebration of the communities who rebuilt Britain. NO DOGS explores the shared and contrasting experiences of Jamaican and Irish immigrants to the UK, in a story inspired by community interviews that explores what it means to be British and asks: once we’ve left one home, how long does it take to truly find another?