‘Celebrating the Beauty of Print’ a solo exhibition by Janet Lueck

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Cornerstone Arts Centre
Tuesday, 5 October 2021 to Sunday, 5 December 2021
Tue - Sat 11am till 3pm

An exhibition celebrating the power of Print, its ability to transform the Collected Object both Natural and Man-made to create the uniquely beautiful. Through Collagraphs, Monoprints, Embossing & Sculptural Print I explore my interest with memories, the meanings and values we place on personal collections that form our interior landscape and the natural world around us.

Janet Lueck (B.A PGCE M.A) – Artist Statement

'I first began exploring the process of creating Collagraph plates in 1997 initially becoming very interested in this Printmaking form as a ‘Safer’ print process. As I developed my techniques I discovered it combined my interest with drawing, particularly as a starting point and Collaging and was also very ‘user friendly’ being free from the use of hazardous, toxic, materials.

I created often fairly large Collagraph plates by combining my interest in compositions based on ‘Collections’ of objects both man-made and natural and my interest in creating compositions with strong tonal values. Through the use of a directed light source onto the staged objects which created areas of light and intense shade and the Collaging process, the Collections became transformed and reinterpreted. The lighting which is carefully directed as the Collagraph develops is a transformative force but also invites an element of play and distortion.

The images also explore my interest with memories, time passing and the values and beliefs we place on collected objects, the experiences they can represent, the meanings reflected back in the assortment of ‘things’ we surround ourselves with and which form part of our interior landscape. I hope to recreate and share with the audience images reflecting a personal space.

For printing the Collagraphs in colour I’ve developed techniques of creating a Monoprint first followed by a colour inked Collagraph over the top, enjoying the beautiful layering processes (and sometimes surprises!) this involves.'

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