OXONDrama Playwriting for adults (Online)

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Online (Weekly Zoom Workshop)
Thursday, 30 September 2021 to Thursday, 2 December 2021

Playwright Rachel Mae Brady (Peggy Ramsay Foundation Award, Writer-on-attachment Oxford Playhouse, Playmaker, 2019) will guide you through the steps of writing for performance. Whether you want to create an autobiographical solo show or a play for a cast of ten, Rachel will teach you writing techniques to unlock your creativity and develop your unique voice. Over 10 weeks we will cover:

*Beginnings: How to start a show.

*Storytelling structure: Conventional versus experimental.

*Character: How to create three dimensional characters and compelling relationships

*Dialogue and Monologue: How to write dynamic scenes and solo speeches

*Themes: What is your show about?

*Editing: How to hone and refine your work

This course will give to the basic tools to outline a first draft. No previous writing experience required. For writers of all levels interested in exploring how to write for theatre. Once booked, Rachel will talk you through how to create an account in ZOOM and access class online.

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