On Edge 2021 Oxford

Last edited by Justice in Motion on 12 July 2021

Venue, Timing and Cost

Broad Street, Oxford
Saturday, 17 July 2021
1pm & 4pm

A spectacular show that combines fast-paced parkour, physical theatre and riveting storytelling will be performed in the centre of Oxford. ON EDGE, an outdoor show from Oxford based Justice in Motion, will be performed in Oxford on Broad Street on 17 July.

This athletic performance in the heart of the historic city will be a striking event compelling audiences to stop and watch the performers fly through the air as they tell a story from modern day life.

Atop towering scaffolding, a group of men ricochet around a building site. We follow the journey of one man from his home and young family to a new job where all is not as it first appears.

ON EDGE combines highly acrobatic parkour and compelling theatre to tell a gripping story hidden in the shadows of the construction industry. Researched with charity and business partners, the production is inspired by real life case studies of modern slavery.

The astonishing, adrenaline-fuelled, gravity-defying moves of the international cast are mesmerising. The story is eye-opening and hard-hitting, inextricably weaving together beauty and humour.

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Broad Street, Oxford

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