On Line Monthly Talk - Crime & Punishment in Victorian Britain

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Venue, Timing and Cost

On line event - part of Thame Museum Monthly Talks
Thursday, 8 July 2021
£7 / £5 members
An illustrative talk by Dr. Simon Wenham

There were considerable fears about the lack of law and order in Victorian Britain. Not only were some urban areas viewed as highly dangerous, but there were several high-profile crimes that both transfixed and terrified the Victorians.
Join Simon Wenham to explore the activities of the so-called ‘underbelly’ of society and the State’s attempt to control and punish criminality.

Crime & Punishment in Victorian Britain, is an online talk from Thame Museum, as part of its online monthly talks programme. Tickets are available from the online shop on the museum website: www.thamemuseum.org

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Tickets £7/5 members, available from our online shop on the website: www.thamemuseum.org

For further information contact, Yvonne Maxwell, Publicity Manager, Thame Museum: publicity@thamemuseum.org

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