Outdoor Landscape Painting

Last edited by Mariana Acevedo on 4 July 2021

Venue, Timing and Cost

Mariana Acevedo Studio
Saturday, 24 July 2021
11:00 - 17:00
Outdoor Landscape Painting workshop

This is an oil painting workshop that focuses on representing the landscape, prioritising the observation of colours over recognizable forms, this undoubtedly frees the mind from established patterns and allows us to enjoy the process itself instead of looking for an end result.
(A minimum experience with oils is desirable).
For complete information visit: www.artcourses-ma-studio.org

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Mariana Acevedo Studio is located in the village of East Hendred, Wantage.
To book please use the contact form at www.artcourses-ma-studio.org

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