Clarin de la Selva - Renaissance Music of Latin America

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Venue, Timing and Cost

Chapel of The Queen's College, Oxford
Saturday, 29 May 2021
7.30 – 8.30 pm
Clarin de la Selva

This concert is given by El Parnaso Hyspano, supported by The Eglesfield Musical Society, and sponsored by Honorary Fellow of The Queen's College, John Sloboda OBE FBA.

Tickets are £5 standard, £3 concession and £3 online. Go to to purchase tickets.

Our performers are a very exciting group of musicians. They include Rafael Montero, tenor and founder, Katarzyna Kowalik, harpsichord and Harry Buckoke, Viola da gamba.

The choice of repertoire is a result of extensive research into the Spanish Empire. At its height, the Empire included most of Central and South America as well as parts of Italy. The huge wealth of the South American silver mines drew many musicians from Europe, and the music they wrote has recently been discovered in archives in Guatemala and Bolivia. This music is of the highest quality but is hardly known in Europe. This concert will present chamber works by three Italian-born composers Domenico Zipoli (1688–1725), Roque Ceruti (c. 1683–1760) and Giacomo Facco (1676–1753) as well as anonymous music found in the Jesuit Missions of Moxos. Some of the pieces are sung in Chiquitano, an indigenous Native American language. They exemplify the mixing of European and indigenous cultures (syncretism) which has been an abiding feature of Latin American religion, art, and culture.

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