#LiveToYourLivingRoom presents: Keith Donnelly Family Show

Submitted by Rachel Williams on February 18, 2021 - 10:44

Venue, Timing and Cost

Online Zoom Performance
Sunday, 14 March 2021
Standard Ticket £14 (£8 min £22 max)

‘The funniest thing to happen to storytelling since the chicken crossed the road!’

Keith Donnelly is a Ruthless Surrealist Guitar-Slinging Abstract Songer-Sing-Weaving, Teller of Short Tall Tales and Long Short Stories.

There really is no-one else like Keith Donnelly; he tells the most fantastic stories, and some of them happen to have tunes and guitar accompaniment, which probably makes them songs. Most of them are true (at least that’s what he says), some of them he makes up (at least that’s what he says!), and most of them are very funny (at least that’s what he says…!)
‘Superbly original children’s songs; the best kids entertainer on the planet’

Keith’s repertoire is such that he seems to have songs and stories for every imaginable topic, as well as many that you might not have imagined yet! Keith’s stories and songs will have children of all ages (and any grown-ups in the area!) in stitches. He specialises in infectious, interactive songs, tales and tunes, guaranteed to get everyone joining in.

Written and Spoken Word

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