Borderless Lockdown OMVA 2020

Submitted by Louise Shaw on June 18, 2020 - 14:07

Venue, Timing and Cost

Monday, 15 June 2020 to Tuesday, 30 June 2020

One-minute video art online exhibition. 21 International artists selected from an open call by Art Pro and curated by Sophia Moffa & Ashim Halder Sagor
The exhibition wishes to raise questions on how the lockdown is being perceived and how has Covid-19 affected life, not only for humans but for the whole planet.
Artists are renowned for their ability to work with what is available around them. With the help of technology, we are momentarily able to virtually escape this lockdown to venture into a seemingly borderless world.  Art making practices of many artists have had to evolve in order to fit into this new normal. This moment will remain as a historical record for our time as we all try to navigate this without a recent precedent. For this reason, it is vital to share these new forms of art making to help us remember, learn and understand.
Alessandro Paiano - UK
Ana Rita Canhão - Portugal
Anja Strelec - Belgium
Anne Begana Sarim - Afghanistan
Bram Lattré - Belgium
Camila Lobos Diaz - Chile
Filomena Rusciano - Italy
Guilherme Bergamini - Brazil
Johannes Christopher Gerard - Netherlands
Jonathan Johnson – USA / Thailand
Keiko Yamazaki - UK / Japanese
Louise Shaw - UK
Mahadi Masud, Bangladesh
Nacho Recio - Spain
Nuno Sa Pessoa | Jose Cruzio - Portugal
Tarana Halim - Bangladesh
Tilottama Bhowmick - Bangladesh
Ulf Kristiansen - Norway
Úrsula San Cristóbal - Spain
Ushnish Mukhopadhyay - India
Yeonjeong - South Korea

Film and Animation
New Media
Visual Arts

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