'Reinvention' - the Treasures of Recycled Sculpture

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Venue, Timing and Cost

The Turrill Sculpture Garden
Saturday, 5 October 2019 to Saturday, 9 November 2019
Mon, Fri - 9.30-17.00, Tues, Thurs 9.30-18.30, Sat 9.00 - 16.00
poster  of Reinvention exhibition

Following the zeitgeist and ever keen to turn the everyday into beauty the Turrill has offered the challenge to sculptors to create work from recycled materials. Sophie Thompson has long worked with recycled farm implements and brought birds and animals forms to life with these. Her son Barnaby is following in her creative footsteps as an artist blacksmith studying at Hereford basing his work mainly on human or animal form – but very much in his own original style.
Matt Smart is an installation artist who has shown at the Turrill before - with thought-provoking figures often using recycled materials to create an unforgettable image.
We are also delighted to present the inventive work of some of the members of Crisis Skylight Oxford – a superb organisation that supports many who are homeless or have other needs and encourages art and creativity of all sorts. A percentage of any sales will go to back to Arts at the Old Fire Station and Crisis/Skylight.

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