Performance Research Workshop

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Venue, Timing and Cost

Clerici Learning Studio, Oxford Brookes University
Saturday, 7 September 2019
£8 (advanced booking) / £10 (at the door)

Performance Research Workshop - investigating (researching) your professional/performative practice - with Dr Geof Hill

Venue: Clerici 1.12 Learning Studio, Clerici Building, Headington Campus, Oxford Brookes University

Practice-led inquiry, as the name suggests, involves investigating professional practice from the starting point of your own practice. For many professionals and performers, using their own lived experiences as data for an investigation/inquiry/research presents challenges.
The model underpinning this workshop is drawn from Schön’s (1983) The Reflective Practitioner, and builds a notion of reflective practice into a systematic form of inquiry or research. The starting point involves illuminating a common professional experience of thinking about your practice a lot or, as Schön (1983, 50) suggested, you are ‘troubled’ by your practice. Following this starting point, a structured form of reflection involves seeking the history or ‘provenance ‘ (Hill and Lloyd, 2017) of your own practice. Provenance of a practice is interrogated to establish the literature and already published knowledge that frames the particular practice being investigated. The final steps involve developing a way of investigating and finally looking at modes of communication for your inquiry and its findings.
Dr Geof Hill in the Principal and founder of The Investigative Practitioner. His three research degrees employed variations on practitioner inquiry.
An M..Sc. (Hon) that used multiple cycles of action to investigate a ‘Dramatistic’ tool for organisational inquiry.
An Ed.D. that used the experience of his MSc as principal data for investigating the impact of the ‘paradigm wars’ on a range of higher education practices associated with research, including academic writing.
A Ph. D which applied practice-led inquiry to a study of how business professionals use reflective practice.
Geof has published extensively on practitioner inquiry and also championed a range of performative research modes, publishing some of his work in the form of cabarets.
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