Experimental Ceramics: An Exploration of Material with Hannah Yeadon and Anthony Eccles

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Venue, Timing and Cost

Anthony Eccles Pottery 128 Southfield Road OX2 1P
Saturday, 21 September 2019
£90 inc all materials and firings.

This is a one day workshop with Hannah Yeadon and Anthony Eccles

For beginners and those more confident in clay. Spend a day exploring and investigating the possibilities of clay


The workshop will be about being open to the possibilities, taking risks and exploring new territories with the clay.

Letting go of your preconceived ideas of ceramics and being open to breaking all the rules.

Allowing yourself to learn to play again like a child.

Giving you a clean slate to find your own distinct language in clay

Achieving greater freedom in your work.

Finding new aesthetic qualities in your ceramics.

Creating distinct energy in your work-charged with play and exploration.

Expansion of your ideas.

Learn to rejoice in the accidents and mistakes, as they will open new doorways in your practice.

This course will be process led and not about making a finished piece. Please feel free to take photos of your journey for your own records or your portfolio.

Exercises that will get you out of your comfort zone and free you up in your making

Constructing and deconstructing your work

Looking at the embarrassing parts of your piece and exaggerating it

Exploring and dissecting your forms horizontally/vertically and breaking down the structural compositions to create new ones

Turning work upside down and inside out

Using different parts of your body as tools

Working with our eyes closed

Creating tall structures

Connecting structures to one another

Layering clay

An exploration of rhythm and pattern in the structure

Creating fragile structures that will only exist for a few moments

Looking at gravity and what happens to clay when it falls

Revealing the process, looking at joins and seams and making that part of the work

Looking at edges

Gashing, gouging, slashing, rolling, prodding, perforating, squeezing, poking, kneading and hollowing the clay.

Further Information

Contact Details: 

Please contact hannahyeadon@yahoo.co.uk to book your place.
The workshop will be held at Anthony Eccles Pottery Studio.
For further information about the ceramicists- www.hannahyeadonceramics.com

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