Monday Evening Sculpture Class, Summer Term

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Venue, Timing and Cost

Sculpture Workshops Oxford
Monday, 26 July 2021 to Monday, 23 August 2021
30 per single 3hour session, if paid for as part of a whole course (£150) ; two initial trial sessions recommended for NEW students for £70. Clay and firing excluded
Student sculpting with clay, and making a small  portrait bust

The Monday Evening sculpture classes runs weekly in the summer term 2021, and takes place in Garford OX13 5PF at "Sculpture Workshops Oxford. To allow for social distancing, the classes are held under two gazebos in the garden of sculptor Beatrice Hoffman. The sessions last for three hours, with a coffee break in the middle; maximum of eight students, at separate tables. Beginners and all levels of ability welcome!
The teaching approach is informal and friendly, with an equal emphasis on enjoyment, and technical, artistic and creative skills, :

For that reason, students can pick any topic that they feel drawn to - animals, human figure or head, or abstract form.
Much inspiration and teaching materials are on offer: educational plaster casts ( facial features, head and torso) , toy animals, natural objects and sculptures are on display, as well as hundreds of laminated images and many books.

Some reviews by students:
“A wonderful course. Learn-as-you-go in a relaxed atmosphere....Beatrice is encouraging, straight talking, knowledgeable, patient and kind, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days and I learned so much. Highly recommend it.”

Further Information

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Beatrice Hoffman under 01865-391502 or or

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