Experimental Drawing from Still Life with Jane Strother

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Sunningwell School of Art
Thursday, 18 July 2019
Experimental Drawing from Still Life with Jane Strother

The focus for the day is to build a drawing working on a series of studies made from observation, in and outside the studio. You will gather your information, select, adjust, deconstruct and reconstruct. The emphasis is to take risks, to keep your drawing broad, open and informative, combining technical know-how with ‘feeling’ the mark. It is all about considering your options and taking risks at the same time.
Support and encouragement will be given at all times with mark making, use of tools and materials as well as making decisions on your ‘build’! Above all it will be fun and probably messy!
Materials to bring: Willow and black compressed charcoal. white chalk, pastel, graphite sticks/pastel pencils, plastic and putty rubbers, drawing paper, masking tape, sugar paper or similar for cutting up and glueing – black, grey, glue, scissors. Papers are available from the school shop.

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