Graphical Illustration - 6 local artists

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West Ox Arts Gallery, Market Square, Bampton OX18
Saturday, 6 April 2019 to Saturday, 4 May 2019
Tues - Sat 11.30am - 4.30pm. Sundays 2 - 4pm. Closed Mondays

West Ox Arts in Bampton presents the work of six local Oxfordshire artists who are all interpreting the world around them through the medium of illustration. Using a range of tools, materials and techniques, the six regularly-exhibiting artists bring a different take on the scenes and objects that are familiar to us all.
From drawn and cut urban Oxford streetscapes, to colourful and stylised drawings of buildings and food, to intricately detailed drawings of birds in flight, to hyperreal paintings of everyday objects, the artists grab our attention and force us to look again as the images catapult us into an alternative world.
Robert Strange; Sue Side; Dougie Simpson; James Taylor; Susan Wheeler and Mark Clay, nationally and internationally known, will not only be exhibiting their work, but will also be sharing insights into their working practices, inspiration, tools and techniques.
“This is the first exhibition of this type here at WOA and it’s very exciting for us,” said Nik Stanbridge, WOA Exhibitions Team Chair. “In a culture where so much of what we see is normalised, this work transports to a familiar but parallel world with playful and intriguing imagery”.
This is an exhibition not to be missed!

Graphical Illustration is a free exhibition that runs for four weeks from Saturday 6th April to Saturday 4th May.
The free-to-all opening reception is on Saturday 6th April from 12-2

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