Tin Men and the Telephone

Last edited by OCM on 20 March 2019

Venue, Timing and Cost

Thursday, 2 May 2019
£15 (£11 Conc.)
Tin Men Poster

TICKETS https://bit.ly/2FmSr2m

“A 21st-century gig in which multimedia gadgetry and a sense of mischief combine to create something fresh and unexpected.” The Times

Not your average jazz trio, Tin Men & the Telephone have made a name for themselves with their cutting edge use of technology and multimedia, and their unique interactive performances in which the audience participates via their self-developed smartphone app Tinmendo.

On their return to Oxford, Tin Men present their brilliant World Domination Volume 1: Furie. Far more than a collection of tunes, the show follows a science fiction story, a humorous and provocative look at our modern world through the lens of fake news and alternative facts.

A combination of acoustic jazz and futuristic electronic sounds, all composed around the speeches of various populist politicians. This is a return to activism and politics in jazz.

Tin Men invite you to help the aliens pick which world leaders deserve abduction and collectively compose a new world anthem to be performed on the spot by the band.

LISTEN https://bit.ly/2TPAJgA

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