Movement Research Workshop

Last edited by AndrewWood on 10 December 2018

Venue, Timing and Cost

Jericho Community Centre,33A Canal Street,OX2 6BQ
Saturday, 29 December 2018
1 - 4 pm
£12.50/£10 concessions
Movement Research Workshop with facilitator Yi Qing. Photo: Huneid Tyeb

This workshop is for everyone who moves or dances: beginners, experienced dancers in Contact Improvisation, and anyone who wants to move before the end of 2018!

About the workshop: Habitual responses - to a certain extent, develop from practices. How can we avoid habit, and still react spontaneously? What are the alternative ways of reacting to a situation when dancing in contact improvisation? We will investigate this together.

We’ll focus on the concept of ‘when bodies meet’ without perception, expectation, images nor judgements. We will explore a diversity of speeds, movement, and spontaneity yet remain in tune with ourselves and our dance partner.

Note: Please arrive on time - thank-you. The workshop is in the Upper Hall of the Jericho Community Centre. This is a drop-in workshop and reservations are not necessary.

About the workshop facilitator: Yi Qing is originally from Malaysia and trained in Singapore. Presently, she is living in Berlin and an independent movement practitioner in improvisation and contact improvisation. She has facilitated workshops since in 2015 in Malaysia, Singapore and Poland. Beside researching movement, she is also an active performer and dance teacher.

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