Auditions - After Edward by Tom Stuart

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Monday, 20 June, 2022

Welcome to After Edward

‘I think it’s queer. And it’s about to get queerer…’

Edward II wanders on to the empty stage, bloodied and confused. He has no idea where he is, or how he got here, but he does have an ominous feeling that something is wrong. As that feeling grows, so too does the threat on the other side of the auditorium doors.

Locked inside the theatre with some rather anarchic fellow inmates – Gertrude Stein, Harvey Milk and Quentin Crisp – Edward can’t escape what seems to be coming for him…

After Edward welcomes us into a chaotic world of pride and shame; a place where Queer politics collide with imagined and personal experience.

The play was commissioned by The Globe Theatre and performed in the Sam Wanamaker Theatre in 2019. This will be the first production since the premiere. It is a dazzling script with great characters. We will be looking for a cast of 11/12.

Important Dates

First Round Auditions
Sunday 19 June - 2.30pm to 4.30pm - The Old Schoolhouse, Hertford Street, Oxford, OX4 3AJ
Monday 20 June - 8pm to 10pm - Summertown URC Main Hall, Banbury Road, OX2 7ED
Recall Audition (by invitation only)
Monday 27 June - 8pm to 10pm - Summertown URC Main Hall, Banbury Road, OX2 7ED

Rehearsals from 6 September:
Tuesdays - 7.30pm to 9.30pm, Thursdays 7.30pm to 9.30pm, Sundays 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Monday 31 October to Saturday 5 November - Old Fire Station Theatre, George Street, Oxford

Please note that the cast will need to be available all day on Monday 31 October for the get in and dress rehearsals.

Roles Available

Other than the role of Edward, the casting will be gender blind. All roles are open to actors of any racial heritage, we are aiming to have a cast that reflects the diverse communities of Oxford.

Gertrude Stein – Playing age – 40s to 60s
Errol – Playing age – mid teens (please note we are only considering actors over the age of 16 for this role)
Archbishop of Canterbury (also doubling Leatherman) – Playing age – 40s to 70s
Quentin Crisp – Playing age 50s to 70s
Harvey Milk – Playing age 30s to 40s
Edward Alleyn – Playing age 40s
Margaret Thatcher – Playing age 50s
Cowboy – Playing age – 20s to 50s
Edward – Playing age – 30s
Gaveston – Playing age – 20s to 30s
Judy Garland (also doubling Julie Andrews) – Playing age – 20s to 30s
The playing ages are indicative rather than prescriptive - so please only use them as a guide.

Audition Process
There will be 2 first round audition sessions and then recalls by invitation only.

Auditions will be pre-booked on Eventbrite in groups of up to 6. Each slot will last 30 minutes. You need to book your slot by following the appropriate link - see below.

You will also need to complete an Audition Form - see link below.

In the first round, we will be working from texts other than the script. They will be similar in tone and/or content. At recalls, we will be looking at excerpts from the script.

You do not need to learn anything! We will make the material for the auditions available at least 24 hours before your audition. If you struggle with reading you will still be able to participate fully, just let us know in advance.

The aim of the first round auditions is to identify potential and to explore some of the themes of the play. It will be a relaxed atmosphere geared to giving you the opportunity to show a range of skills. There will be a short singing section – but please do not fret if you are not a trained singer!

Full details of the auditions can be found here -

Audition Form -

Book Audition - Sunday 19 June

Book Audition - Monday 20 June

If you have any questions, please email the director at

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Email the director of you have any questions: