Call out - submit objects/art to LGBTQ+ exhibition "Proud Voices" launching at Ark T

Last edited by l.baldwin on 11 February 2020
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Friday, 14 February, 2020

My Normal Young Curators are preparing an exhibition about LGBTQ+ voices, which will launch on 22nd February the Ark T Centre. As part of this exhibition, we would like to display small objects belonging to the queer community and tell the stories behind them. If you would like to include your story and object, please email and drop it into the Ark T Office Monday-Thursday before 15th February.

The submission of an object does not guarantee inclusion within the exhibition. Items selected by the young curators will be included in the exhibition from the launch until the exhibition finishes at the end of March, owners will be responsible for collection.

Please email Lauren the following:
Your name:
Contact details:
Description of object:
Story: 100 words or less.
Please let us know: Are you happy for the object to be touched by visitors? Or would you prefer it to go into a case?

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