Will Glanfield

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Conduit - Crawley, West Sussex
Seven Ages - Cobtree Manor Park, Kent
Southam Stories - Southam, Warwickshire
Unda Vita - Crawley, West Sussex
Aquatic Seat - Kilnwood Vale, West Sussex
Tryst - Kingsmere, Bicester, Oxon

I am a sculptor/maker working mainly with wood to commission in the area of public art, creating both functional and non functional pieces. Using the highly tactile and organic material of timber, my approach is to create artworks which are inviting, engaging and inclusive. There are references to natural forms and processes and the works hold layers of meaning. Ideas around transformation, regeneration and the cycles of nature are explored. Through the use of more abstract forms, viewers are invited to make their own associations and interpretations of my work.

Many commissions involve communities exploring our sense of place and belonging within nature and culture. Through these workshops I encourage participants to use their creative voice. Elements of several of my artworks have been made by members of local communities through these creative workshops. These include wood and ceramic carving, photography, painting, drawing and creative writing.

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Tel : 01227 273511
Mobile : 07958 134891
Web : www.willglanfield.co.uk