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SUPERNORMAL is a surprising new addition to the summer calendar, a spontaneous and experimental artist-led event perfectly located in the magical looking-glass world that is Braziers Park in Oxfordhire. Explore a spectacle of cult live music, performance, discussion and cutting edge contemporary art in the sprawling ramshackle grounds. No ordinary festival, Supernormal returns to the fundamental spirit of utopianism, imagination and adventure that is all too often lost in the financially-driven, artistically nondescript realm of the twenty-first century festival circuit.

_SUPERNORMAL_ is an intimate event for an exclusive audience of five hundred, allowing the exploration of the seventeenth century site of Braziers Park, with its' Strawberry Hill Gothic manor house and Grade II listed wooden barn and out-buildings where a variety of events will take place. Braziers Park also celebrates its' sixty first anniversary in 2011 as a School of Integrative Social Research, a community driven by new ideas of collective action, a unique attempt at social co-existence that points toward a future built upon mutual respect.

This event is co-curated by a network of Artists and Musicians. It is a DIY and non-profit making festival. If Any profits are made through ticket sales after all running costs are settled they go towards paying the expenses of the bands and performers.