Social Fabric Arts

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Arts Organisation
SFA Festival workshop
SFA Dyeing workshop
SFA scarves and headresses
SFA print blocks
SFA Fabric printing by Violet Blackburn
SFA Story exhibition, Dorothy's Shoes by Amber Hoodless

Social Fabric Arts is interested in encouraging children and young people to use art and craft to realise their ideas and develop their inate creativity.
We offer termly classes and holiday and event workshops in Oxfordshire. The sessions and workshops are based on a specially developed teaching programme that focuses upon specific materials and skills. Using a range of small well thought out projects that are designed to develop their knowledge and skills in that area, gaining incremental skills and material knowledge.

Social Fabric Arts is run by practising artist Claire Blackburn who also has over 15 years experience as a youth and community worker and has worked for local authorities, organisations and charities throughout the UK. Social Fabric Arts is a mobile provision and repurposes village halls and local spaces into temporary art studios, bring art and crafts to the heart of communities . For more information about who we are and what we do, please visit our website:

Contact Details

Social Fabric Arts is a small arts provision run by Artist and qualified youth worker Claire Blackburn. For more information about Social fabric Arts please visit the website; or email Claire at Tel 07960571658
If you would like to know more about Claire's practice as an artist please visit her website;