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From youth orchestras and brass bands to 30,000 seater stadium tours in America with the band ‘BRONZ’. Shaun’s musical career started at the age of 6, at school he learned both the flugel and tenor horns to a level that took him to the National Brass Band final at the Royal Albert Hall London by the age of 10. At 18 he joined the Army as a musician, attended the Army school of music, and having – as the advert said – ‘ seen the world ‘ Completed his military career with 2 weeks in the Royal Tournament at London’s Earls Court playing a fanfare for the Queen.

In the early 80’s, as a founder member of the rock band ‘BRONZ’ who were one of the first British bands to feature heavily on the newly launched M.T.V. The first album ‘Taken by Storm ‘ written by Shaun, and two others In the band, they went on to achieve a very creditable and impressive top 100 position in the States and top 10 (rock chart) in the UK. The single ‘ Send down an Angel ‘ featured extensively on Radio 1 in the mid 80’s. Achieving no 8 in the U.K. Rock singles chart.

Despite the demise of the original line up founder member Shaun Kirkpatrick found himself in a very enviable position. With a top producer Max Norman (Ozzy Ozbourne’s producer) and full record company backing Shaun set out to completely re-define the sound of the band, and with a completely new line up record the bands second album.

“Carried By the Storm” is the official follow up to “Taken by Storm”. Recorded in London’s “Roundhouse” and “Power Plant” studios.

Shaun having worked and gained experience in many top studios around the world, with many top producers / engineers prior to setting up ‘THE KIRK’ (which was located in a converted 19th century chapel in the depths of Somerset), Shaun moved more into freelance production and engineering for independent bands and labels and has many respected and successful commercial releases to his credit.

Also working with such artistes as Van Morrison on the ‘ Enlightenment ‘ album, Huge Cornwell of the Stranglers on ” Footprints in the desert ” album, Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy, and Phil Lanzon of Uriah Heep, to name but a few.

Shaun now has his own state-of-the-art digital studio – a room full of technical wizardry for professional music productions both in film and T.V., and being consistent with his musical roots, believes that playing live music is not only integral but crucial to staying in touch with the creative spark and, as a consequence, has his own band ‘THE TRUTH’ which continues to play throughout the UK.

It follows from so many years in the business that Shaun, who is both a member of the P.R.S. and M.C.P.S. and has a huge pool of professional musicians that can be called upon to enhance any project. whatever the demand.

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