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Having been taught how to sew at my mothers knee, I have worked with fabrics from a very young age and have been a professional gardener for the past 17 years and counting. During my gardening career I have met some of the kindest people I will ever meet. Two of these influenced my life in a huge way by putting me onto this glass inspired path. I give huge thanks to Sheila and Cregeen. I wouldn't be writing this on a website without them, we had chats about gardening, yes, and oh so many other subjects too.

So fabric and flora play a huge part in my life and design processes.

Glass on first glance is a hard and unforgiving material. But this preconception can be picked apart with a seed of inspiration and a little manipulation. Glass can then be encouraged to reveal its softer side. Using glass in its powder form allows me to blend and soften the edges of my design details, giving me the ability to achieve some fabulous results.

My current work is formed in the kiln using glass sheet and powders from the Bullseye Glass company.

I have a gallery showing finished pieces of glass art at my studio in Marcham and work on commissions. If you would like to make your own fabulous fused glass pieces I run regular workshops. Check out www.featheredglass.com for further information.

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Pip Stacey at Feathered Glass
Pear Tree Cottage
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OX13 6NT
featheredglass@yahoo.com, www.featheredglass.com, featheredglass on Instagram and facebook

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