Oxford Printmakers Co-operative Ltd

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Arts Organisation

A printmaking workshop established over forty years ago with a hundred active members.
We provide facilities for people to do printmaking.
We run courses in many print processes.
We put on regular exhibitions.
We can offer outreach and workshops within community groups and schools.
We take part in national print events.
We participate in Oxfordshire Artweeks.
Involvement in collaborative projects.
Selling printmaking materials.
We welcome new members.

Contact Details

Technicians: Catriona Brodribb or Morna Rhys
Oxford Printmakers
Christadelphian Hall
Tyndale Road
Oxford OX4 1JL
tel 01865 726472
email: oxfordprintmakers@hotmail.co.uk (checked daily)
open access/staffed hours: Mondays 4-8pm, Tuesdays 10.30am-6.30pm, Saturdays 11am-5pm.

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