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"The special character of May Music derives from the fact that is it more than just music.” - Oxford Magazine

The Oxford May Music Festival takes place in the historic centre of the city of Oxford. Based in one of the gems of 18th century architecture, the Holywell Music Room, with one of the best acoustics in the world, the festival brings together some of the finest musicians performing in the UK today and many leading lecturers in their fields.

The 2016 Festival, which is the ninth season, takes place from April 27th - May 2nd. The artistic director is Classical-Brit-winning violinist, Jack Liebeck. The programme can be found at hhttp://www.oxfordmaymusic.co.uk/. Highlights of the festival include a lecture by TV and Radio broadcaster Professor Jim Al Khalili on the new science of Quantum Biology, and two themes "Female composers" and "Darkess". The latter is represented by a full day on May 1st culminating in a Jazz concert in total darkness! We end with our traditional blockbuster Finale with harpist Catrin FInch and Mozart's Clarinet Quintet.

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