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Oxford Bury Knowle Art Group
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Founded in Headington in the 1940s, the Oxford Bury Knowle Art Group has around 60 members and welcomes anyone sharing an interest in visual arts.
During the Winter there are monthly meetings at which talks are given by experienced speakers. There are many practical demonstrations of painting and drawing techniques and use of particular media. Meetings are currently held at NOA Community Centre, Summertown and details of how to join can be found at www.oxfordburyknowleartgroup.co.uk. The meetings are free to members and open to non- members for a small charge of £3, to help towards costs.
Throughout the Summer months outdoor sketching and painting days are arranged at venues in and around Oxford. No tuition is offered but all are welcome regardless of ability.
The Group aims to hold at least two exhibitions a year; there is no selection and all work is accepted within the exhibition rules. A small hanging fee is usually charged.
The annual membership fee is very affordable (£15) and application forms are on the Group's website.

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