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Nose2Nose is a small collection of artists and performers. We travel to schools all over the world to conduct workshops with students of all ages. With students, we intensively workshop and brainstorm ideas for short pieces to be put on for school or public audiences.

With the arrival of the 'SPACE' show, we have used the idea of 'space' as a stimulus for groups we work with; and whatever material the students create, we include it in the show somehow. This could be in the form of musical introductions, short devised ensemble intervals, interactive and improvised 'SPACE BOX' question and answer sessions with the audience, planted audience characters, and others. The work is very much driven by the students; they are given the freedom to create what they want, with guidance, but without limitations on imagination.

Nose2Nose also work in creative media, organise film projects, and collaborate with musicians and artists.