Nigel Williams

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I have held a life-long interest in modern sculpture, with particular admiration for artists such as Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, David Smith, Constantin Brancusi, Jean Arp, Eduardo Chillida, Denis Mitchell, etc. I also have an awareness of the massive heritage in mask design and building by “primitive” cultures around the world, including Africa, Central and North America, and Oceania.

These interests, together with other influences arising from my involvement in automotive design & manufacture, animation, heritage transport, and photography, have given rise to my current practice, working mostly in sheet metal (often recycled) to produce items mainly of a natural feel, but with very mechanical and slightly dark undertones.

My themes include:
- "developed" surfaces (i.e.strong patination developed over time), often integrating manipulated photography and treated metalwork
- re-purposing of spent military hardware into more benign artefacts
- "traditional"-style masks in modern materials
- "embellishment" of antique domestic artefacts

My workshop and library are near Newbury in West Berkshire.

I am the coordinator and webmaster for the Oxford Sculptors Group. I am also a member of the Surrey Sculpture Society.

My website ( shows images of current sculptural work, and details of current and upcoming exhibitions, together with my photography work.

I am interested in undertaking commissions, if the style is appropriate for my practice.