Nicholas Packham B.A.(hons)

Submitted by NGP Firewing on September 18, 2013 - 12:54
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Hi I am a Sculptor who specialises in working metal.
I use old blacksmithing techniques in a lot of my work.
I mix modern and ancient techniques in my work.
I love texture, and the responsiveness of the metal.
My inspiration comes from nature, I work on a farm surrounded by nature
and different animals both wild and domesticated.
I use a variety of materials in my work to get the different natural colours
for some aspects of the sculptures.
I use repousse techniques in the shaping of the metal then I texture it before
assembling the pieces to make my sculptures.
Some of my designs include using recycled parts to create 'junk' sculptures.
I like the challenge of making something very different from a collection of everyday and discarded metal.

I run a variety of workshops for the general public, these include blacksmithing and sculpting as well as drawing and modelling.
I have done a variety of school projects working with a variety of children and adults.
I'm fascinated with movement and try to incorporate it in my work.
I design and make everything by hand I love the process of creating and the challenge of making something new.

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07570741570 / 01908 661056

17 Plumstead Ave
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