'Peace by Piece' Re-Creating Beauty Through Brokenness

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A Clear Sky - Fine Art Mixed Media Mosaic on Slate
Weaving Light - Fine Art Sculptural Mosaic
Together - Fine Art Mosaic
Violet Field - Fine Art Mixed Media Mosaic
In Venusian Light - Fine Art Mixed Media Mosaic
Sacred Garden - Fine Art Vintage China Mosaic

I am a mixed media artist, facilitating mosaic courses and one day mosaic playshops over the last 22 years, sharing my passion for the deeply healing process of making mosaics, 'peace by piece, with Abingdon College, The WEA, Sunningwell School of Art, and Cornerstone Art Centre.

I am now running ongoing mixed media mosaic courses, mosaic playshops and mosaic spring/summer schools at - The River Room, All Saints Church, Sutton Courtenay, OX14 4AE.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in buying any of my mosaic art, and/or if you are curious to explore this amazing accessible medium...

My Background

Feeling deep appreciation for my early life, growing up in a super abundant garden, bursting with wondrous plants, flowers and bountiful blossoms.
Learning from a young age how to meet with nature in her fullness of spirit, which heightened my awareness of our deeply interconnected, cyclical nature.

Our bohemian home was full of floral interiors, antiques, unconventional ornaments and myriad curiosities. Many of which continue to inspire and adorn my mosaic art today.

For me, the whole process of making mosaics is a miraculous quest of gathering together diverse materials, from house clearances to charity, junk & curiosity shops. An endless enchanting flow of abundant potentiality and great fun! Always in deepest appreciation for unique donated gifts of broken antiques, vintage wonders, figurines, vases and re-claimed stained glass.

As I begin making mosaics I often just sit and start loosely nipping and cutting. Feeling into and aligning myself with little sparks of inspiration.
Gently shaping each piece, listening from within my heart to the calling colours, miracles begin transpiring through mosaic metamorphosis.

I use various cement-based adhesives and PVA glues for fixing the fragments to the different surfaces. I often use natural pigments to colour the final grout application, which creates depth and helps to unify the whole piece.

My intention is to encourage harmony to emerge from diverse and discarded materials. Sharing the deeply restorative process of gently reawakening creativity through brokenness. ‘Peace by Piece’ facilitating beauty. Sharing the joy and wonder of creative regeneration through the healing process of co-creating ‘Memorable Mosaics’ together.

Thank you for your interest.

In appreciation, kindness and blessing,




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