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Mazz Image is a photographer, designer and event producer. Qualified Arts Award Advisor (Discover & Explore, Bronze and Silver)

Mazz received an Master of Art (Photo-media) from the College of Fine Art (COFA)/University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia and has over 20 years experience working with local and international publications and organisations. Through her experience with photography, audio/visual and design, Mazz provides creative services, consultancy and coaching to individuals, publications, corporations and event producers.

Mazz documents international parades and festivals which celebrate the creativity and diversity of life. Images from these events are published and incorporated into exhibitions and new-media art-films. These have included being presented at events and festivals held in: Hong Kong, Sydney, San Francisco, Montreal, Moscow, Milan, Rome, Berlin, London and Oxford.

Mazz is a Human Rights advocate. Since 2007 Mazz has actively volunteered to help produce the annual Oxford Pride. This included the successful introduction of a street Parade and an arts and culture Festival in addition to the Pride Day event.

Specialities: Photography, graphic design, event production, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion speaker, arts facilitator.

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