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based in Woodstock, near Oxford

I exhibit and perform at music and arts festivals mainly. Sculpture, installations, festival build crews, performance, and exhibition-comedy. Sculpture is mainly earth based, celebratory of environment and land. Some urban art and installations.

Festival works have gone well recently. More opportunities are arising quickly for next summer, including offers to exhibit at more festivals. I am seeking assistance to up the game: build and exhibit more, and get more and bigger commissions. Quality of sculptures and installations is important. So are stretching yourself, professionalism, being honest and gutsy about the work, being able to get in trouble, and making people laugh and go "WOW!"

The payment for doing festivals is typically a free ticket and crew pass, crew camping, and possibly transport and some meals. Fests pay me some build costs that let me break even on materials. Current aim is exposure and experiences, not money.

Seeking enthusiastic, sensible, resourceful and brave folk willing to help in set-up support work for sculpture installations, performance, and sort-of-comedy, in exchange for free entry and crew passes to festivals... and the fun that flows with it. Actor/performer/comedian, sculpting assistant or set builder, photographer/filmer, costume maker, noisemakers, networker… Typically crews of 3-5, as a collective.
If you do arts, it beats bar and litter duty for a free festival ticket and crew pass.

I am based in Woodstock near Oxford.
Next summer's Fest list currently includes 2 festivals of 15,000 to 20,000 people, plus a smaller fest, all within 120 miles of Woodstock. I can usually sort transport. More fest exhibition opportunities will crop up.

Contact me if you are interested in joining.


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based in Woodstock, near Oxford
07500 118791

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