Kitty Frilling

Submitted by KittyFrilling on February 18, 2018 - 22:28
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Your Wild Hair [2017] linocut
Parsons Street Banbury [2018] linocut and gold ink
St Mary's Bloxham in Winter [2017] linocut

I am a printmaker and illustrator living near Banbury. I am available to teach one-day linocut courses, or to complete commissioned work.

I recently completed a Foundation Degree in Creative Art & Design Practice at Oxford Brookes.

Upcoming Exhibition: Old Town Cafe Banbury - Feb 1st - 28th

I can be found on:
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and my website is

Previous Exhibitions

Degree show - June 2018
Hatched 2018 - The Jam Factory - March 2018
Featured Artist Banbury Artists' Co-Operative - March 2018