Karen Goonewardene

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I create and co-create both contemplative and dynamic work incorporating sculpture, installation and performance, weaving together combinations of methods and materials. My process involves experimentation, investigation and improvisation around existential questions of what it is to be human and into the capabilities and capacities of my self, my materials and those I collaborate with.

AS a British Anglo-Asian contemporary artist, my work offers insights into the interconnectedness of mindfulness and creative processes, resulting in both physical and transcendent works that span both Eastern and Western philosophies, melting distinctions between traditional disciplines.

My interdisciplinary practice is taking form through drawing, painting, sculpture, interactive installation, sound, film, projection and Butoh dance performance, often incorporating more than one of these disciplines. I enjoy both working on my own and in collaboration with others.

I've recently taken up residency in Studio One, Ayres House Studios, Wallingford, I am running art classes this year from the Studios.