Neo Cartouche (formerly Karen Goonewardene)

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Migration (59cm x 33cm x 20cm)
Squiggle (59cm x 33cm x 20cm)
Heart of Nature
Bramble Root Study

Neo creates and co-creates both contemplative and dynamic work incorporating drawing, sculpture, installation and performance, weaving together combinations of methods and materials. Her process involves experimentation, investigation and improvisation around existential questions of what it is to be human in today's world, exploring the capabilities and capacities of herself, her materials and those she collaborates with.

As a British Anglo-Asian contemporary artist, Neo's work offers insights into the interconnectedness of mindful and creative processes, resulting in both physical and transcendent works that span Eastern and Western philosophies, melting the distinctions between traditional disciplines.

Neo's interdisciplinary practice uses drawing, painting, sculpture, interactive installation, sound, film, projection and performance, often incorporating more than one of these disciplines to create meaning. "I enjoy both working on my own and in collaboration with others."

Neocartouche as an Artist and Arts practice came into being in 2019 through which Neo showcases her work and runs courses, classes and workshops, teaching and sharing her knowledge and skills as part of her practice.

The last in a series of draiwng classes are running on Wednesdays, the last three Wednesday 6th, 13th & 20th March in the Blewbury Village CLubhouse, OX11 9HF.

For bookings, queries and to visit or purchase work please contact Neo directly through

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