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I really believe that we can all benefit from having more creativity in our lives – and I would love to inspire and support you to do this!

Spending time being creative is great for your general wellbeing, creative thinking, and switching off from that never ending to-do list. But mostly it is just a lot of fun.

I’d love to help you to book on that creative class you’ve been wanting to do for ages, to pick up those art materials that you have had sitting in the cupboard for years, or to try a whole new way of creating.

What I offer…

Why not come on one of my fun, messy, mindful art classes – great for you if you are a complete beginner or want a fresh approach to making art. Maybe even bring your friends, family or team mates to a class too?

Try a few sessions of creativity coaching with me to help you to get back into making art, and make it a habit, a hobby or even a business.

Or have a read of my blog, or follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, to give you ideas and inspiration for making art at home and to get more creative.

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Telephone: 07988 487521