Henley Pubscrawl

Submitted by Henley Pubscrawl on November 4, 2019 - 14:13
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First meeting Henley Pubscrawl, final pub, happy artist.
Jules first Henley Pubscrawl 2nd pub
It just captures ambiance and emotion: first Henley Pubscrawl
The pen shows the size of the notepad, great crosshatching. First Henley Pubscrawl
A select and dedicated group of enthusiasts first Henley Pubscrawl final pub
Final pose, first Henley Pubscrawl final pub.

We are a new group of artists with completely varying experience and abilities who intend to meet on a semi regular weekly basis for mutual drawing sessions predominately in the convivial atmosphere of local pubs.
The meetings will usually be on a Sunday afternoon / evening between 3:30pm and 7:30pm (free parking in Henley) and we will visit a range of venues within a short walk of Henley Town center for an hour each.
There is no charge to attend, all that is required is to buy yourself a drink and bring your own materials. Typically these could be a plain small pad or notebook and sharp pencils or working pens. We will pose for each other or there will be a guest model by arrangement. Poses will be 10 and 20 minutes with time for buying drinks at the start and a chat at the end.
All works may be photographed on request. If someone really likes your work feel free to arrange further contact outside the pubscrawl. You may come to one, any or all venues.
Itineraries will be posted a week before on the Facebook page below. All friendship requests accepted. If there is an issue with space at any venue then those that have accepted an invite of the FB event will have priority.
All are welcome.