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Books by Diana Moore: Objects in the Ashmolean, An Art and Poetry Resource, by Diana Moore
Books by Diana Moore:  A Visitor to the Forest by Diana Moore inspired by Paolo Uccello's The Hunt in the Forest, by Diana Moore
Books by Diana Moore: A Fishy Coat Tale and Other Poems by Diana Moore
Flamingo Calypso a performance poem/song from the album 'Fins, Wings and Other Things' by Diana Moore, available on major music platforms
Puppets from A Fishy Coat Tale
Ashmolean Poetry Tours with Diana Moore

I am a poet, performer, playwright, author and educator. Also a singer-songwriter creating music, song and spoken word. See radio/music page on my website, and YouTube recordings (Diana Moore Poet, Performer).

Inspiring and educating adults and children using poetry and visual arts in live performances and workshops

I devise and run Creative Writing and Poetry Performance Workshops for all ages.

I do this in schools, residential homes, libraries, museums, theatres, community organisations, bookshops, business meeting rooms and other venues.

Projects include a Lottery Funded Theatre production for Adults with Dyslexia; a rendition of 'A Visitor to the Forest' (inspired by Paolo Uccello's The Hunt in the Forest) accompanied by an opera singer and actor at the Old Fire Station in Oxford; creative writing workshops for various age groups including advanced learners (14-15 year olds), stage school, (6 to 18 years), primary school, secondary school, and poetry tours - and LiveFriday performances - at the Ashmolean Museum.

If you would like to have a taster session, or require further information on any of my work, please do get in touch.

My latest book is an art and poetry resource inspired by objects in the Ashmolean museum.
Occasionally I run Poetry Tours at the Ashmolean Museum. If interested, please contact me.

My website is: www.diana-moore.com

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