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Trio of Moon Jars
Tall vase in brilliant green glaze with branch handle
Sphere with terra sigillata, smoke fired
Smoke fired Honey glazed Pail with found handle
Persian Blue Japanes style Pail
Emerald Green Teapot

I am a hand-builder, working mainly in white earthenware clay and occasionally paper porcelain. For the past 10 years I have been working on a series of pieces inspired by the Korean Moon Jar. Rather than the pure white surface of these iconic vessels I explored techniques which would give a more ‘lunar’ surface. I have used burnishing and smoke firing and also have smoke fired pieces which have been fully and partially glazed, with spectacular results. By introducing blues & greens I have created spheres which bear more of a resemblance to the Earth.

My second series of work are vase-like vessels inspired by the Japanese water pail, or mizo baketsu, featuring strong profiles with 'found' wooden handles attached with twine or raffia. The deign has been evolving over the last year to reflect another interest of mine - knitting. Hence the ‘in-ravelled’ Pails.

My teapot series features small, quirky teapots and I am developing a range of ceramic boxes.

I teach pottery - both one off workshops on specific subjects and termly courses - Ardington School of Art and Craft, Art Jam Studio in Caversham, Henley on Thames School of Art, Reading College, Bracknell and Wokingham College and New Directions College, Reading.

I am a member of the Oxfordshire Craft Guild and West Forest Potters and regularly exhibiting with the groups. I am also a regular participant in both the Henley on Thames and Caversham Arts Trails.

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