Axel Ewald

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My work as an environmental and community artist focuses on how we meet and interact with places - both natural and man-made, on how we can be informed by processes of change in Nature and how this can transform the way we look at ourselves, our fellow human beings and how we interfere with Nature. My artworks and educational workshops are about learning to listen and "tune in" to places and situations and , by way of practicing "gentle interventions", to develop strategies for a more sustainable future. This involves the creation of environmental, site-specific sculpture, environmental design and the employment of a variety of other media, including photography,video, drawing, printmaking, performance and stage-design. I also offer an advisory service for communities, educational institutions and other public bodies for the appraisal, enhancement and transformation of existing sites and the development of new outdoor community spaces.
I am currently studying for my PhD in Social Sculpture at Oxford Brookes University.

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UK address:
20 Buckingham Street
Oxford OX1 4LH
07903 164 958

Israel address:
Kibbutz Harduf, D.N. Hamovil, 17930, Israel tel: 00972 4 905 9284