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Body Psychotherapist, Biodynamic Massage Therapist, Embodiment and Sound Workshop Leader

Body psychotherapy works with our physical feelings and emotions and how we experience these within our bodies. By exploring the mind-body relationship and the physical habits and holding patterns that we present, we can gain an understanding of how our own behaviour is contributing to the difficulties that we are facing. It offers a calm, supportive and non-judgemental therapeutic relationship, drawing on body-orientated methods combined with space to talk and reflect.

The intention of Biodynamic Massage is to bring the nervous system into balance between excitement and relaxation, release habitual holding patterns to ease movement, tone and strengthen tissue, restore breathing to become free and spontaneous, make the body a stronger container for emotional and energetic charge.The benefits of biodynamic massage may include deep relaxation, letting go of tension and worry, improved emotional balance to cope with life’s ups and downs, relief from chronic symptoms such as headaches, tension, pain, digestive problems and insomnia, a greater connection with, and trust in, our bodies increased energy and zest for life.

How I work
I have always used the creative arts from music and art, movement, breath and vocal sound, to bring solace and balance to my own sense of well-being. The desire to share and communicate the contentment I feel from this has grown into teaching voice one-to-one and directing community choirs, and was the impetus in my decision to become a body psychotherapist. From this personal space of exploration and change, I aspire in my practice to work with the uniqueness of each client, to support their exploration and personal sense of well-being.

As a body therapist, I offer a private space where I invite clients to engage in a deeper relationship with themselves. We work together in an atmosphere of curiosity, awareness and acceptance seeking a natural movement towards balance and well-being.

Sound and body workshops
I regularly hold workshops that explore how sound resonates in the body. If you would like to be kept informed, you can register your interest by visiting my website I will let you know when these happen.

Registered Bodies:
Body Psychotherapist (UKCP)
Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists (ABMT)
Natural Voice Network (NVN)

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Telephone: 07712 414762

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