Anne L Ryan

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Voice coach and voice/movement practitioner

One-to-one sessions: Want to sing that song with a fuller vocal sound? We're all different and, just like our personality, this is represented in our voices. One person's vocal difficulty is another's vocal attribute. The issue may be tension, habitual bad patterns in holding the body, an out-dated attitude to singing, or pushing the vocal chords when a lighter approach brings better results. I work one-to-one with each voice where sessions are tailored around an individual’s vocal need through working with breath, movement and relaxation to unfold the natural unencumbered voice. Please get in touch to discuss your voice and individual needs. Please call to discuss 01865 880858

In these sessions we work through discussion, physical stretches and movement, breathing, vocal improvisation, text and singing leading to the full expression of the whole voice.

I also coach groups of all sizes, offer regular workshops exploring the voice, and see people individually by appointment.

I am a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners' Network.

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Telephone: 01865 880858