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Photo art finalised on 60x60x2cm canvas (2018)
Photo art finalised on 60x60x2cm canvas (2018)
Photo art finalised on 60x60x2cm canvas (2018)
Digital sketch

I am a UK based conceptual artist and draw upon my own experiences of mental health, women’s rights and identity, and social and political conditions as the catalyst for my work. I have shown pieces in group shows internationally including Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Edinburgh, London, Tokyo and Venice.

I use mannequins, my own sculptures and digital manipulation to construct photo art - my intention being to create subtle images in which the subject matter is almost secondary and conversely more intense; to express vulnerability and instability but also allude to the fundamental core strength within - in an attempt to capture the fragility of self. I enjoy taking an experimental approach with both materials and reference, responding in unconventional ways and pushing their (and my) boundaries; and unearthing discarded, lost and forgotten items and using them to construct something else entirely, bringing a new dimension to their existence.

At age 44, after completing an administrative role on the UK Government's Modern Slavery Evidence Review, I began my creative journey by enrolling on a part-time one year Certificate in Sculpture with The Art Academy, London (2014/15). Aside from that course I am predominantly self-taught; and I have been a member of ArtCan since April 2017.

I am drawn to and inspired by the subjective work and language of artists such as Schiele, Dumas and Emin, as well as countless well known and lesser known artists - many of whom I've been lucky enough to connect with via social media.

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