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Adumbration Arts is a new initiative aiming to improve creativity, connectivity and collaboration for the benefit of artists and the wider public. We will be promoting the positive effects of artistic enquiry in all its forms, for education, as a means of understanding ourselves and the world, and for creating and sustaining good cognitive and mental health.

We aim to improve lives by providing an interesting, inclusive and varied programming, delivered by arts practitioners and creative thinkers in the county. Providing staff development, personal development, adult education and family learning events and activities for the public; and providing sources of revenue and exhibition, research or collaboration opportunities for artists.

We will aim to improve the working lives of artists that live here and their potential to thrive and reach and enrich the lives of the wider public. We hope to be working with various partners in this endeavour. Please get in touch if you are interested in working with us. Our first goal is to set up artists studios and creative spaces in the county. We have a site in mind in South Oxfordshire and studios could be available by the beginning of August! Please register your interest ASAP.